Unable to archive messages

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  • 25-Jun-2013
  • 25-Jun-2013


Novell Messenger


NMAA not archiving messages.
NMMA queue directory building up with messages.
Messaging Agent shows the following error in the logs:
BA0 MTP Error sending session to Archive Agent [0x0001]


  1. Identify the Messaging Queue Path: ConsoleOne | MessengerService | serverObject | Properties of MessagingAgent object | Agent tab | Messaging | Messaging Queue Path
  2. From a terminal window cd to the identified directory.
  3. Move items that begin with the letter x to the tmp directory:
    mv x* /tmp
  4. Move items that have 0 bytes to the tmp directory:
    mv `find . -size 0` /tmp
  5. Restart both the NMMA and the NMAA:
    rcnovell-nmaa restart; rcnovell-nmma restart


Message items that begin with an x are stuck being processed and likely blocking the entire queue. Messages with 0 bytes might also prevent processing.