How to change a temp location for opening attachments on Win7 using GW2012 client.

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  • 21-Jun-2013
  • 09-Aug-2013


Novell GroupWise 2012
Microsoft Windows 7


When you open on Windows 7 workstation an attachment from a mail, "My Documents" location is always used by default. 


This has been working as designed and all GW2012 client builds up to SP2 included have no choice to change this behavior as this was hard-coded location in a client code.
This has been, however, reported by few customers as a problem, an Enhancement request was opened and current design was meanwhile changed. There are newer client builds available already that have an ability to change this temporary file location. If you do not want to wait till SP3 client will be released, you can open a service request with Novell Technical Support and get some of the development build newer than a client build #110616 included.
Once you get the newer client build, you will need to modify Windows registry. To override the current client behavior, add the string value:

HKCU\Software\Novell\GroupWise\Client\Files Locations\EditAttachments

with a value that contains the full path of the directory to put open attachments in. The directory must exist before running the client.