Deployment Behavior for Office 2010 Suite Patches

  • 7012669
  • 21-Jun-2013
  • 21-Jun-2013


Novell ZENworks Patch Management 11


Office 2010 applications using .MSP installers may show Not Patched after deployment to an endpoint that has multiple Office 2010 products installed and at least one Office component running.


Ideally, deploy the update when Office 2010 is not running on the managed device. Microsoft recommends that users stop all affected services and close all applications that may be using the related update files before installing the update.
If the patch result shows Not Patched after initial deployment, the best option is to deploy the update again.


When running Office 2010 updates silently, the pop-up stating a file is open is ignored. When ignored, the patch may only complete the update for the first impacted component it finds. When this happens, the update will be required to run again to remediate any remaining Office 2010 components. A managed device will continue to show Not Patched until all impacted components are updated.

Additional Information

Example: When applying MS12-079 Security Update for Microsoft Word 2010 32-Bit Edition (KB 2760410) to an endpoint with Office 2010 and SharePoint Designer 2010 installed and running, the patch may show Not Patched after initial deployment. Re-deploy the update to completely patch the system.