Distributed File System (DFS) support in Filr

  • 7012660
  • 20-Jun-2013
  • 16-Jul-2013


Novell Filr 1.0


1. When a Net Folder sync comes across a Distributed File System (DFS) junction where a trustee is assigned; the sync stops completely.

2. When there is no trustee assigned to a DFS junction Filr follows the DFS junction during a Net Folder sync and syncs the content of the junction target without reading the trustee assignments on the target which exposes content to an audience not otherwise entitled.


DFS junctions on Windows and OES are not currently supported in Filr 1.0. Support for this feature will be available in a future Filr release.

Additional Information

This limitation is documented in the Filr 1.0 Readme, Section 7.4, DFS Junctions Are Not Currently Supported