Filr - Not all users imported during LDAP Sync.

  • 7012602
  • 13-Jun-2013
  • 05-Sep-2013


Novell Filr 1.0


When syncing LDAP users with eDirectory, it does not successfully add all users (even from the same container).
- Users not properly importing.
- Users not being added.


Option A: To resolve this issue manually with iManager, follow these steps for each user that isn't added successfully:
  1. From Roles and Tasks select Directory Administration | Modify Object
  2. Select an individual user object
  3. From the General tab, select Other
  4. Verify that uniqueID is in the Valued Attributes list.
    • If not, add it from the Unvalued Attributes list.
    • Select the + icon to add an item
    • Provide the user's CN or userID and Select OK
    • Select OK
    • Select Apply to save changes

Note: This can also be modified in ConsoleOne from the user's properties | Other tab.

Option B: To batch resolve this with LDIF see NetIQ Cool Solutions - Add missing uniqueID attribute.


Some users are missing the uniqueID in the Valued Attributes list. This could be because the user(s) were created in an older version of eDirectory.