Steps to force NDS (eDirectory) off a server

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Removing NDS off a server, even when errors are encountered.
Forcefully removing a server from an NDS tree.
-601 error trying to remove NDS with INSTALL / NWCONFIG
Removing DS from an old server after DSMAINT procedure has been completed. (now getting -618 errors)
Unable to remove DS from a server
Steps to force NDS (eDirectory) off a server


If the server is not connected to the network or the database cannot open, LOAD INSTALL (or NWCONFIG) | Directory options | Remove Directory Services may fail to take directory services off the server due to errors.  Follow the steps below to force the removal of NDS (eDirectory)

1.  If the server holds the master replica of any partitions, designate another RW replica server as the master replica:  RCONSOLE to the new master replica server and Load DSREPAIR | Advanced Options | Replica and partition operations | <Replica ring in question> | Designate this server as the new master replica.

2.  On the problem server:  If the NDS database is open, UNLOAD DS then LOAD DS -NDB.  (or down the server and start with SERVER -NDB)

3.  LOAD INSTALL - DSREMOVE (or NWCONFIG -DSREMOVE for NW5 or higher) | Directory Options | Remove Directory Services from this server.  Press ENTER through any errors.  Try removing DS again - it should say:  "Directory Services has already been removed".  The -DSREMOVE switch will remove directory services from a server despite any errors.

4.  This -DSREMOVE option may not delete the server object and volume objects out of the tree.  Down the problem server (NDS has been removed) and follow TID #3338221 - Removing a Crashed Server from the NDS Tree to remove the problem server from the NDS tree.                                        

5.  As a LAST RESORT - ypu can also remove NDS/eDirectory by deleting all items inside and then the _NETWARE directory, using a utility like Toolbox, JCMD or CPQFM.NLM's, then reboot the server and attempt the reinstallation.

Deleting the server object from the tree will cause your Volume Objects for the server to go unknown.  This has three or more implications.  
1.  All bindery print queues will need to be deleted and recreated.  
2.  The user's HOME_DIRECTORY field loses the specified user's home directory. The information in the HOME_DIRECTORY field is commonly used in the login script to map to a user's home directory.  This user attribute is found on the user object under the Environment tab in NetWare Administrator/ConsoleOne.  This field can be reassigned after the server has been installed back into the tree.
3.  Trustee Directory Assignments are lost and must be restored from backup or recreated by hand. (See Using TBACKUP to save and restore directory trustees.)
4.  File Ownerships may be lost
5.  This may affect NAL Application objects
6.  Directory Map objects may be affected

7.  License Assignments may be lost. 

To prevent some of the issues mentioned in NOTES above from happening, follow instructions in TID #10013535 - Crashed Server - Saving server references (DSMAINT -PSE) prior to removing NDS off the server.  DSMAINT -PSE requires that there is a NetWare 4.x server in the tree.

Additional Information

Deleted server object with NDSMGR32. NDS cannot be removed normally from a server when there is no corresponding Server object.
Formerly known as TID# 10013746