Unable to sync password on two trees during Novell Client login

  • 7012592
  • 12-Jun-2013
  • 12-Jun-2013


Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows


In an environment where users need access to mapped drives in two different trees, the login script is configured to use the login script "TREE" command to obtain a connection to both trees. The user logs into "Tree_A" and the login script executes the "TREE" command to authenticate to "Tree_B" followed by drive mappings. If the user's password on
Tree_B is expired, they are prompted to change the password.  The dialog states that passwords will be synchronized with the account in Tree_A and the local Windows password.  The password in treeB is successfully synchronized with the local windows account, but the password is never changed in Tree_A.

The login script will display an error such as, "The password for <user> was not changed on the network."