Logged in user in ZCC is not correct for a device

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  • 06-Jun-2013
  • 06-Jun-2013


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2


In ZCC -> Devices in the properties of a device, it will have a Logged In User section on the right.  That Logged In Users section should have the login name of the user that is currently logged into the device.  Sometimes it is not updated properly when a user logs in, or has the wrong user listed.


The online documentation for ZCM is being updated to reflect the information given below about how the Logged In User functions.


This is an explanation of how the Logged In Users section is updated.  Because of how it is updated, it may seem like this is not working even though it may be working as designed.
If the Random Refresh is set on the device, here is how the Logged In User functions.  When a device boots up, the ZCM services are restarted, or a user logs in, it does not immediately contact the server to update the Logged In User.  That contact happens when the next Random Refresh happens.  The server receives that update, and will update the database with that information.  When in ZCC, it may take up to 5 minutes for the cache to update before the user is seen in the Logged In Users section.  Alternatively, logging out of ZCC and back in will refresh that cache and show the user.
To remove the user from the Logged In User section, the user has to be properly logged out.  If the machine is shutdown improperly, or disconnected from the network before logging out, the device will not contact the server to update the Logged In User.  In these cases, a user that was previously logged in may still show up even though that user is no longer logged in.


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