Filr has slow performance on Large Deployments when accessing folders

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  • 06-Jun-2013
  • 18-Jun-2013


Filr 1.0
Large Deployment


A large deployment is being used with a lot of folders and servers. 
The various appliances have extra memory allocated to them.
A lot of Net Servers and folders are being used.


For Large Deployments (Multi Server) - edit /etc/my.cnf and increase the innodb_buffer_pool size to 2560 and restart the server.  The default value will be increased, on a upcoming release, to a higher value, such as 2560.  Memory for the dedicated MySQL server, can be left at 4Gb.

For Small Deployments (Single Server or All-In-One) - leave the pool size at 384Mb.

Additional Information

Increasing the availble memory for the mysql service can be of great help.  By default it's set to use 384 MB, but if using the minimum recommended memory of 4G on the server, then the memory allocated to the service can be increased.

Also be sure not to be syncing the Net Folder Server, the Folders nor the LDAP sync too often, as it can cause a slow down during the sync processes.

Of course, be sure there is always plenty of free space, check using 'df -h'.