Devices can access Filr outside the network, but unable to access Filr inside the network

  • 7012526
  • 31-May-2013
  • 31-May-2013


Novell Filr 1.0
iOS Filr Client
Android Filr Client
Windows Desktop Filr Client


  • Trying to access Filr through various wireless devices.
  • Accessing Filr from outside the network works fine on all devices and connections.
  • Accessing Filr from inside the network works on wired devices
  • Accessing Filr from inside the network demonstrates that wireless devices are unable to consistently connect.
  • DNS names being used.


Had to disable the setting in the controller firewall called IPMAC Conflict Enable, now devices can consistently access Filr from inside the network.


IPMAC Conflict Enable was not working as expected.

Additional Information

The "IPMAC Conflict Enable" option is to log and act upon detected IPMAC conflicts. These occur when removing a device from the network and attaching another using the same IP address.

There was concern that Filr was not working with DNS correctly.  Some tests were used to help narrow down the problem:
  1. Connect with handheld device externally via DNS
  2. Connect with handheld device internally
    1. with DNS
    2. Without DNS
  3. Connect with PC
    1. with DNS
      1. Wired connection
      2. Wireless connection
    2. Without DNS
      1. Wired connection
      2. Wireless connection

Performing the PC tests via the wired connection demonstrated success, where the Wireless connections always failed, and helped led to determining the problem was in the wireless routing configuration of the network.