Control Center Deployment Task not created, AppDetection entry missing

  • 7012491
  • 28-May-2013
  • 28-May-2013


NetIQ Control Center 7.0.x
NetIQ Control Center 8.x


Application detection entry is not listed in DPL_AppDetection table in NQCCDB database so the CreateTask SP never creates the task.


In the Control Center UI, please go to Administration | Deployment | Rules.  For the Module in question, perform the following steps in order to correct this issue:
  1. Delete any rules which are already configured to use the older version of the Module.
  2. Delete all versions of the package for the Module.
  3. Check-in the required version of the Module package.
  4. Create a new Rule using the newly checked-in Module package.
Once the new Rule is enabled, Deployment Tasks will be correctly created for that Module, and the Module will be deployed normally once the Task is approved.


Each Module that is checked into the Deployment Packages field in the Deployment tool for Control Center, gets an entry created for it in the DPL_AppDetection table in the NQCCDB database.

If the old version of the Module package is deleted prior to checking-in the newer Module version, or if this particular Module has never been implemented in the past, then checking-in the new version of the Module package will result in a valid entry for that Module in the DPL_AppDetection table, and as a result, Deployment Tasks will be created as expected.

However, when a package is deleted from Control Center Administration | Deployment, its entry in the DPL_AppDetection table in the NQCCDB database is deleted.  As a result, if you have already checked-in a newer version of that package to use in deployment, and you then attempt to delete the older version of the Module, all entries for that Module are removed from the DPL_AppDetection table of the NQCCDB, including the entry for the newer version of the Module.

The result is that the CreateTask SP will not be able to create a new Deployment Task for that rule.