Error 500 when downloading log files from the Novell Filr Search Appliance.

  • 7012471
  • 24-May-2013
  • 24-May-2013


Novell Filr 1.0
Large Deployment


When trying to download the log files for the Search (index server) component
running on the Filr Search Appliance in a large deployment the following error is seen:

HTTP ERROR 500 Problem accessing /vaconfig/system/logs/ Reason: unable to copy zipped log files to stream.


This issue has been reported to engineering and has been resolved.
The solution will be made available in an upcoming Filr release.

The current workaround is to manually get the log file. The correct log file can be found at the following location on the Filr Search Appliance Server:


The problem was caused by the system trying fetch a file named 'indexserver.out' instead of 'indexserver.log'.