Editing SecureLogin to use network credentials

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  • 13-May-2013
  • 13-May-2013


Novell SecureLogin


How to change SecureLogin to submit System credentials
Using SecureLogin to type network user name and password


Edit the existing application definition to make the change. 
1.  If the application definition is in text format, locate the lines that say something like:
Type $Username
Type $Password
Edit these lines to say
Type ?Sysuser
Type ?SysPassword
Note that the line for entering the password may not necessarily appear immediately after the line for entering the username, and that these lines may occur more than once in the script.
2.  If the application definition is in graphical form, 
- select the "Edit Wizard" button  
- select the "Credential source" page
- click "This application requires other credential source" 
- select "the user's network login credentials"
- click "apply"
- click "apply"