File content in user HOME folder is not searchable

  • 7012401
  • 10-May-2013
  • 10-May-2013


Novell Filr 1.0


When users search for content that exists in one or more files in their HOME folder, no results are returned. This is because the user HOME folders, by default, are set to not index the contents of files. There is also no way to turn this ON/OFF for all or multiple Filr users.

Note: If you have enabled Personal Storage, files added to a user's personal storage are not affected by this setting.


The site administrator can turn content indexing ON for users that have already logged into Filr once on a per-user basis as follows:
  • Log in as admin
  • Click Administration Console
  • Click User Accounts
  • Find the user name and click the little downward pointing arrow in front of the user name
  • Click User Properties
  • Click Home Folder
  • Select the option: Index the content of this Net Folder