Setting up Port Redirection in Filr

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  • 09-May-2013
  • 16-Jul-2013


Novell Filr 1.0


In order to access Filr without specifying port 8443 port forwarding needs to be enabled.


Configuration changes will need to be made in two areas on the administration interface. Here are the steps:

1. Access the appliance interface via a browser: https://server_ip:9443 and log in as vaadmin using the password configured during the install.

2.  Click on the blue icon button for Novell Filr Appliance Configuration:

3.  Select the Reverse Proxy menu option on the left and check your host name.  Set the Reverse Proxy port to 80 and the Secure Revers Proxy port to 443 and click OK.

4.  Next select Network from the menu on the left.  Click the allow Port Redirection box.  Click the Enable box, and if desired, check the box to Force Secure Connection(recommended).  The HTTP port should be set to 8080 and the secure port should be set to 8443. 

5. Click OK to return to the menu and then click the Reconfigure Filr Server button on the left.  Once it is finished, restart the services.

Additional Information

Some users have reported that step three could not be completed until step four was done first.