Unable to share Net Folder or sub Net Folder

  • 7012393
  • 09-May-2013
  • 11-Jun-2013


Novell Filr 1.0


Created a new share in the Net Folders, gave user full permissions to that share, Login to the web app as the user, go into the Net Folders, create a new folder, select the folder and then hit share and get error message: "You do not have the right to share your selections."

The new folders being created in NetStorage, are being created on the share without any trustee rights.  The user creating the folder is trustee of the parent folder.

Adding the additional trustee with rights to the folder, running LDAP sync and Net Folder Sync again does not help.


Updated - June 11th 2013 - The error message has been updated to be more reflective when this problem is encountered in version 1.1.  Sharing of Net Folders will still not be allowed for version 1.1.