Groups are syncing into the User Account section

  • 7012376
  • 07-May-2013
  • 07-May-2013


Filr 1.0


After have the Filr LDAP sync take place, groups are being sync'd as User Accounts.


Select from one of the two options
1)  Correct the configuration, and either a) select it to "Delete users that are not in LDAP" or b) manually delete the groups from the User Accounts section.


2)  Rebuild Filr from scratch so it can have a clean database.


LDAP configuration was not configured correctly or LDAP user configuration was configured to sync groups.

Additional Information

Deleting any user from Filr, will result in the following loss of information and can not be recovered:
  • All profile information, including profile pictures

  • Access controls to workspaces and folders

Recreating a user will create a fresh/clean slate for the user, and will have to upload and reshare any files handled prior to the delete, they will also have to have files reshared to them.