SecureLogin slow to act on web page first time it is launched

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  • 06-May-2013
  • 06-May-2013


Novell SecureLogin
Web based application


SecureLogin takes several seconds to act upon a login window the first time a configured web page is launched during each browser session. 
Single sign on happens almost immediately the second time and subsequent times page is opened during the browser session. 
App is launched from a web page and is acted upon by the script for iexplore.exe

Log file shows " **PROTO** DEFECT C2934: WM_GETTEXTLENGTH message timed out. Aborting to avoid hang."


Solution 1:
There is a registry configuration to ignore windows by class when running the Title or GetText #0 commands

HKLM (or HKCU) /software/protocom/securelogn/  String: WindowClassesToExclude

Edit the registry and set

 .../software/protocom/securelogn/  String: WindowClassesToExclude  Value: URL Moniker Notification Window

can be set in either HKLM (per machine) or HKCU (per user).

This will cause SecureLogin to ignore the hidden window which should remove the delay.

Solution 2:
There is another registry configuration to reduce the timeout - default unset uses a value of 5000 (5 seconds) if the value is 0 or less.

HKLM/software/protocom/securelogn/  DWORD: SendMessageTimeoutValue

Additional Information

The message in tne error log is caused by using the "GetText" or "Title" command on a window that isn't processing messages yet - most likely from a Windows script.

Some windows just cause trouble when trying to get the text, others have an issue with trying to soon.