How to configure smtp settings

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  • 30-Apr-2013
  • 05-Nov-2020


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How to manually configure SMTP or email if it was bypassed during the server installation 
Alerts are not being received through SMTP or email.  
Email settings are configured in the Change Guardian Policy Editor but im not getting emails.


To manually configure SMTP or email follow the steps below: 

1) Logon to the Change Guardian Server and at the command line cd to this directory /opt/netiq/cg/scripts/
2) Execute ./ udei (to display the list of needed parameters and descriptions)
3) Once the parameter list is displayed you will need to know a value for every entry in the list. 
4) Next enter the command with all of the parameters leaving none of them blank as listed below.  Separate each value with a single space before entering the next value.
./ udei --admin-account=<admin_account> --admin-password=<admin_account_password> --mail-host=<SMTP_hostname> --mail-port=<SMTP_port> --mail-from=<e-mail_address> --mail-user=<e-mail_auth_account> --mail-password=<e-mail_auth_password>    
5) Select the enter key to submit the command and parameters.  If there is no error then the information was accepted successfully. 


These settings were not configured during the initial installation of the Change Guardian Server.

Additional Information

  • Ensure that every parameter is filled out including the mail-user=<e-mail_auth_account>  and --mail-password=<e-mail_auth_password>.  Even if your environment does not require authentication to submit to the SMTP server this value is required and can be any valid user account.

Here is a list of the parameters and their descriptions.

Update the default Change Guardian Policy Repository e-mail integrator.

     --admin-account=<admin_account>            The admin account for your

                                                Sentinel integration.

     --admin-password=<admin_account_password>  The password matching the given

                                                admin account.

     --mail-host=<SMTP_hostname>                The hostname/IP address of your

                                                SMTP server.

     --mail-port=<SMTP_port>                    The port over which to connect


     --mail-from=<e-mail_address>               The e-mail address from which

                                                mail should be sent.

     --mail-user=<e-mail_auth_account>          The account to use to

                                                authenticate with SMTP server.

     --mail-password=<e-mail_auth_password>     The password matching the given

                                                SMTP account.