Novell Service Desk iPhone App Configuration

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  • 21-Mar-2011
  • 29-May-2013


Novell Service Desk 6.5


In order to connect to Novell Service Desk with the iPhone application you will need to ensure Novell Service Desk Service Manager or Novell Service Desk 6.2 or later is running on the server side.

Novell Service Desk for iPhone supports the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod touch running IOS 4.2 or later and provides mobile access to both the SaaS and on-premise solutions provided by Novell Service Desk Software, including Novell Service Desk.


Novell Service Desk iPhone Settings and ConfigurationConnecting
By default the iPhone client connects to the standard HTTP port 80 or if using SSL port 443. If a custom port is being used, then enter the domain using a colon and port number in the domain field of the settings such as:

This will require Novell Service Desk iPhone Client 1.0.1 or later.

If using Novell Service Desk 6.5, this requires the iPhone client of at least version 1.1.

Please ensure that the port used is open on the firewall in order for the iPhone to access the NSD system. The options within the settings of the iPhone application allow the domain name and the Instance name (usually Novell Service Desk if using a Virtual Appliance or On Premise solution) to be used.


When authentication is using AD or LDAP, ensure to use the correct username for the domain, such as or the appropriate syntax for your system.

In addition, if using self signed certificates over SSL, use the full domain name, not the IP address, or web services that are required by the client may not work.

Once the above conditions have been met, click Connect in the top right hand corner of the settings. The Requests load in the main view should then be seen. Now click on the refresh button on the top left navigation bar to update the view at any time, and apply any predefined filters that have been created within Novell Service Desk using the top right hand button.

Possible Errors

Getting error: ‘Invalid SOAP response’– result : Not working with the SSL turned on.

Solution: When using the Novell Service Desk Virtual Machine Install, or Virtual Appliance, if the Self-Signed SSL Option 9 has been used to enable SSL and no trusted CA has been installed: A trusted CA certificate will be required to be installed before the iPhone app can work over SSL. So disable SSL or install a trusted CA cert.

Getting error: ‘Invalid credentials ‘- result: Not able to login.

Solution: Try entering Username and Password again and try to Connect. If using AD, it will require the username to be ‘domain\user’. For older AD or for later versions it can be in the format ‘username@domain’ in order to accept the credentials.

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