Using Novell Service Desk with an Exchange server that doesn't permit IMAP or POP3 connections

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  • 02-Dec-2010
  • 15-Jan-2015


Novell Service Desk


This TID references a methodology and example application that allows Novell Service Desk to connect to an Exchange server without using IMAP or POP3 directly, for cases where it is not possible to enable such services on the Exchange server.


While Novell Service Desk offers the open standards for mail retrieval of IMAP and POP3, Microsoft also provides it own proprietary MAPI protocol for connecting to Exchange.

The best solution would be to enable the IMAP or POP3 protocol on the Exchange server, but sometimes that's not always possible, because of IT restrictions in place at a company, for example.

However, it is still possible to connect Novell Service Desk to an Exchange server via the use of an application that functions as a gateway between IMAP and MAPI for example.

One such application that we are aware of at least one customer successfully implementing to achieve this, in very little time, is DavMail, which can be found here:

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