Exporting from Novell Service Desk to Excel - and proceeding externally into .CSV

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  • 09-Sep-2010
  • 29-May-2013


Novell Service Desk


A way to export Configuration Items from Novell Service Desk using the Excel button. Using a spreadsheet program one can export the file from Novell Service Desk into individual .CSV files which can then be merged manually.


1. Log in as Supervisor to view the Configuration tab and sort the list by Category, so click the sort button next to 'Item Category' in your list of items. (A box icon changes to an arrow indicating the direction of the sort.)

2. Under the Display drop-down; select the max value of 100. (100 is the max by design , for performance and limitation.)

3. Using the Export Button in LT creates ItemsList.xls - open this file with applicable utility such as Numbers on OSX or Excel/OpenOffice.

4. Delete the top five rows of the spreadsheet so the field labels are at the top, and then delete any blank rows between the field header row and the data rows. (2 blank rows which are there as a separator can be removed.)

5. Export as CSV from the application using Text Encoding: Unicode (UTF-8) (There should be an option like 'Export...' under Save and Save As...

6. The CSV file will be saved to disk. To create one large .CSV file with all CI one would need to export files from Novell Service Desk until all items needed were exported to files, then use the above steps to export to .CSV

7. The final step will be to merge the .CSV files manually using a text editor if the end result is to be one large .CSV file containing all the item numbers and details selected for the view used upon the Excel export from Novell Service Desk.

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