Novell Service Desk is slow at incident creation or upon adding notes.

  • 7012300
  • 23-Apr-2010
  • 29-May-2013


Novell Service Desk 6.5


If Novell Service Desk is slow or delayed when creating an incident, this may be due to the hours on milestones being set too high. Please review the instructions to check for this issue below:


From the NSD console, Supervisor Login > Service Tab > SLAs list > (Blue Links for SLAs)

Check each blue link for all SLA's in your installation:
For each SLA click on the Targets Tab:

Check here if your interval is set to hours or minutes. Then ensure the values have not been set too large. The recommended **maximum** value for hours is 9000 which is over a year of time if the interval is hours. (If using minutes it wouldn't make sense to use a high value so also ensure this is not the case.)
Check each milestone; Urgent, High, Medium, and Low; to ensure that the number values entered for 'Initial Response,' 'Restoration Time,' and 'Resolution Time' are set low enough to avoid possible delays in Novell Service Desk caused by internal calculations made using these values.

Additional Information

Formerly known as 1000949