What to do if you see a small number of Novell Service Desk tasks in the list of scheduled tasks

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  • 25-Mar-2010
  • 29-May-2013


Novell Service Desk 6.5


This documents what to do if a rare scenario occurs where only a small number (in one case it was just 3) tasks appear in the list of scheduled tasks. Additionally it suggests possible causes for this to occur.


If the issue occurs where tasks are missing from the list of scheduled tasks and restarting Novell Service Desk does not resolve this, then Novell Service Desk needs to be stopped, the hibernate.properties file deleted, then Novell Service Desk restarted. The database details will need re-entering after doing this.

The next thing to try is a reboot of the server. Note that upgrading Novell Service Desk didn't seem to fix it either.


One possible cause for this can be where the database server is down when Novell Service Desk attempts to access it. This can cause the license request to also reappear showing that no license is installed. Resolving the missing license issue is just a case of restarting Novell Service Desk but it might be worth checking to see if the tasks are there when Novell Service Desk is restarted, as it was such a scenario that caused this to occur.

Another possible cause that has been replicated twice now is where LT i stopped, certain logging.properties file settings are changed (in the case in question, this was all the mail ones from warn to debug) and then LT is restarted.

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