Configuring New Novell Service Desk Teams to Accept Email

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  • 29-Aug-2008
  • 19-Dec-2016


Novell Service Desk


A New Team has been set up, but the team is not receiving emails.

The following message is returned to the sender:


No Team Found


If a new team that has been set up, and not receiving emails, the first thing to do is to confirm the settings in the Administrator Console:

Administrator > Setup > Email
Check the setup steps as documented
NSD 6.5 Documentation
Email Server Tab
Email Polling & Request Creation

The email polling checkbox needs to be on, and the create Incidents checkbox needs to be on. The username/password need to be entered so they match the actual account Novell Service Desk should read from. Confirm this is the case, and save the settings if any changes were made.

NSD 7.x Documentation

Email Server Tab (Section 5.2)
Email Polling & Request Creation via Email (Appendix A.2)

Login to the Supervisor console, and edit the teams; ensure that each alias points to a team, and that these are entered correctly. 
If it is still not working, there are a couple of things to check.

First, point a mail reader application to the mailbox, and check that the 'to' address field points the the aliases when expected. If the 'to' address has been changed to the actual account then the alias hasn't been configured correctly.
There are a couple of ways to configure aliases (depending on your mail server) - one changes the 'to' address of the email, and the other leaves the 'to' address alone, and copies it to the appropriate inbox, the second method is the technique that must be used.

For GroupWise
Verify that Internet Addressing is set to prefer username only addressing.
There isn't much else that can be wrong other than the team email address in Novell Service Desk being entered incorrectly.

For Office 365
Outlook 365 has distribution groups (like Distribution Lists in GroupWise).
Instead of creating an alias, create a distribution group for each team and make the primary id as the only member to the distribution group.

Example: is the primary id which service desk polls in regular interval.

Instead of creating as alias, create, as distribution group and make as the only member for those groups.
Give delegation rights to
Office 365 default setting for Delivery Management of is "Only senders inside my organization.
You may need to change this to "Senders inside and outside of my organization"

Whenever end-users mails to the mail is distributed to all members.
So will get the mail and the To: address will be the
The existing logic will assign the ticket to the configured team.

Additional Information

Restart Services after Email is configured.
     /etc/init.d/livetime [restart | stop | start]

If problems still persist after verifying the settings, please open up an incident with Novell Service Desk support, attach screenshots of the configuration (Administrator Mail Setup, and Team Setup), and the Novell Service Desk log file (zipped) so Novell Service Desk can investigate further.

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