Novell Service Desk and iPhone - Service and Support

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  • 22-Aug-2008
  • 27-Jun-2013


Novell Service Desk 6.5


Novell Service Desk 6.5 provides out of the box support for Apple's iPhone.


Field technicians and customers can now manage support and change requests on the road using the iPhone. With 100% functionality on the iPhone, Novell Service Desk can be customized with specific column views and provide true mobility for on site technicians and customers.

With direct access to Novell Service Desk's Configuration Management Database (CMDB), service desk staff can access the most up to date infrastructure information when working on support issues directly on the iPhone. Novell Service Desk has a native iPhone client that supports all versions of Novell Service Desk Service Manager and Novell Service Desk from version 6.2 > 6.5.

Link to iTunes Novell Service Desk Download

Additional Information

Reporting on the Road With on demand reporting available at your finger tips management and technicians have access to real time statistics on the iPhone, assuring adequate service delivery at all times. You can even view dynamically generated PDF documents by clicking the PDF button in any window.

Leverage your Knowledge Novell Service Desk's built in search engine provides immediate access to existing knowledge, solutions, incident notes, descriptions and attachments in a matter of milliseconds for rapid problem resolution on the road. A complete expert system can be produced in a matter of hours by simply uploading existing documents such as PDF, Word, RTF, HTML, Text and StarOffice.

No plugins required
Novell Service Desk utilizes the latest Web 2.0 technologies to generate a rich user experience on the desktop or the iPhone. Subsequently, no additional tools or plugins are required.

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