Novell Service Desk SMS Notification

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  • 19-Aug-2008
  • 27-Jun-2013


Novell Service Desk 6.5


SMS notifications (for Technicians) - which sends an SMS message to technicians about the Incident update. This is only available to Users who have a mobile number and a service provider entered in their User Information screen.


To set up the SMS feature: Select the Technician: User > Users > {Technician} > Information > Edit > Mobile - The Technicians mobile number is to be entered for use with the SMS > Service Provider

From the drop down list, select the SMS Service Provider through which the SMS messages for the User are to be sent; If the Service Provider is not listed in the drop down menu, enter the mobile number in the 'SMS Override' field > Save.

More information can be found in Novell Documentation under the User Guide

The system's default notification status can be set by the Administrator in the Setup > Privileges > Requests tab. However, this can be manually adjusted on a per Request basis within the Notification Method field, under the Incident Summary Tab.

For more information on this see the User Guide

In the User Guide, Quick Calls can be set up with SMS by setting the default Notification Method to SMS

**Please note, in order for the SMS to work, the appropriate user account needs to have the provider account and gateway configured.

Additional Information

In order for the SMS alerts to work, the appropriate user account needs to have the provider account, and gateway configured. This can be achieved by setting up within the User Information tab of the User/Technician.

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