Updating the Novell Service Desk Customer request template so that emails include a hyperlink to the incident

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  • 14-Aug-2008
  • 27-Jun-2013


Novell Service Desk


Need to update the Novell Service Desk customer email template, so it includes a link to click on from email to view an incident in the customer portal.


Log in as Admin and navigate to: Setup > Setup tab > Email tab > Templates tab > (drop down selection) > Email Summary Templates > RequestSummary (RequestSummary is a link on the bottom left of the Templates Tab) :

Add to a new line directly *above* the following existing html tags. (Found at the bottom of the RequestSummary html.)


Insert the following html section:

<tr><td valign='top' class='datalabel'><strong>Incident Link:</strong></td><td><a href='http://support.mycompany.com/Novell Service Desk/WebObjects/Novell Service Desk.woa/wa/LookupRequest?requestId={{Request Id}}'> Click Here </a></td></tr>

Be sure to change the example hostname above, support.mycompany.com, to the name of the machine hosting Novell Service Desk. (This is the only change needed.)

Click Save.

Now a link is available within all emails sent to customers to bring up the emailed-about request in the customer portal as long as the customer is already logged in upon clicking the link.

Note: If not already logged in to Novell Service Desk in the default browser the link will bring up the login page instead.

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