Novell Service Desk Webconsole TOMCAT HTTP 500 java.lang.NullPointerException

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  • 21-Jul-2008
  • 27-Jun-2013


Novell Service Desk


An error appears in the Novell Service Desk web browser -- "HTTP 500 ..... java.lang.NullPointerException ....."


1. Stop the Apache Tomcat service.
(For Windows users: Start--Run--'services.msc' -- Select Apache Tomcat and click Stop Service.)

2. Check the Tomcat Configuration by bringing up the Apache Tomcat Properties window.
(For Windows users this is under All Programs--Apache Tomcat X.X--Configure Tomcat. If Apache Tomcat is  already running, right-click on the Apache Tomcat icon in the lower right down by the time and left-click 'Configure'.)
Look under the Java tab there to ensure that the Initial memory pool is set to 128 and the Maximum memory set to 512. Also ensure in the 'Java Options' text area that the following lines have been added to the bottom:


3. Restart the Apache Tomcat service as well as any other service in cooperation with Novell Service Desk and ensure the URL is correct. The URL should be :
http://(Insert-Host-address)/Novell Service Desk/WebObjects/Novell Service Desk.woa
(Note: Change '(Insert-Host-address)' above to the address of the machine running the Apache Tomcat service.)

These steps were taken and the error was no longer displayed.

Additional Information

Formerly known as 1000474