How to retreave a Novell Service Desk password

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  • 18-Jul-2008
  • 17-Jun-2013


Novell Service Desk


An NSD Users password has been lost or forgotten, how can it be reset?


To change your password, go to the Home tab > My Account > Edit > Change Password > Save (this will work for any account that is created within NSD and not imported from an external source.)

To change the password for an external LDAP source, follow the individual guidelines for what ever type is being used.

Additional Information

How to retrieve your password (NSD Version 6.5)

To retrieve your password, click the 'Forgot Password' link located in the lower section of the Login page. Enter your Email address, and click the 'Send' button. A temporary password is sent to your email.

We recommend changing your password to make it memorable.

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