Novell Service Desk Save Button for License Entry is not available

  • 7012246
  • 07-May-2008
  • 17-Jun-2013


Novell Service Desk


The Administrator is trying to enter a new license key but the Save button is not visible.


If the Save button is not visible in the License Key table, it means that a previous Novell Service Desk key has been entered (such as a demonstration key). Before a new license key can be entered, the license table needs to be cleared as demonstration keys severely limit the functionality of Novell Service Desk. One of these limits is prevention of License updates (simply to prevent demo installs from becoming broken).

To clear the license table, run the following SQL statement against the Novell Service Desk database:


Then restart Tomcat. Once Novell Service Desk has restarted the Administrator will be prompted to enter the new license key.

Additional Information

Formerly known as 1000389