Novell Service Desk Email Configuration

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  • 10-Apr-2003
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Novell Service Desk


Having difficulties getting email notifications for Novell Service Desk Incidents and Requests working.


The NSD Email sub-menu option is used to configure the system’s incoming and outgoing email settings.

The system uses email to notify Customers about:
  • Login information
  • Newly created requests
  • Progress
  • Closure
  • Contract renewals
  • Invoices due
  • Purchase Orders created.

Emails notify Service Desk Users of:
  • Request allocation
  • Escalations
  • Amendments to requests made by other Users
  • Addition or removal of requests from Groups.
Server Tab

To enter email server details:
Select Setup > Email > Server
Enter the Receiving and Sending Details:


Incoming Server

The incoming server used by the system to receive emails.


The protocol of the incoming email account- IMAP, IMAPS, POP3, POP3S.


This option is visible if IMAP or POP3 has been set for the email account protocol. Select to secure the transport layer to encrypt the whole channel, if relevant to your email server configuration.


Can be left blank for the default, or enter a port.


Enter a timing interval if polling is enabled.

This will be the period of time the system will use to check if any messages need to be polled.

User Name

Enter User Name for the incoming mail server.


Enter the account Password.


Reply To

The default system email address and the account that the email polling feature uses.

Outgoing Server

The outgoing (or SMTP) server used by the system to send emails.


If your SMTP server requires sender identification before sending email select between Login, SSL or TLS depending on the server configuration. The User Name and Password fields will be displayed when options other than None are selected.


Enter a different port, or leave blank to use the default.

User Name

Enter the SMTP authorization details.


Enter the account password.

Click Save.

Test Button

To test if the email configuration is correct for sending email, click Test. This will send a message to the Administrator, using the Outgoing Server details that have been provided.

Additional Information

Note: When configuring outgoing email connections, the service provider must allow connections from an external IP when sending email. This is important if Novell Service Desk Support is mounted outside the organizations own network. To solve this make sure the SMTP server is able to accept authenticated connections from foriegn IP's or use a different SMTP server.

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