Emailing Notes to Existing Novell Service Desk Incidents

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  • 22-Dec-2005
  • 11-Jun-2013


Novell Service Desk


In order for Novell Service Desk to accept notes that are emailed to the system, and have those notes appended to the request referred to in the subject line, there are a number of requirements that need to be met.


In order for an emailed note to be accepted by Novell Service Desk it must meet the following requirements:
  1. The sender of the email *MUST* be a registered user of the Novell Service Desk installation and their email address must match either the email address on their account or one of the email aliases defined for their account.
  2. The Email subject *MUST* contain ONE of these strings:
Change Request #{INCIDENT NUMBER}
Service Request #{INCIDENT NUMBER}

That is the request type, represented by one of these strings, followed by the request number.

Customers and Technicians are able to interact with Novell Service Desk using the email system, although it is anticipated this would more typically be the usage scenario of the Customers, whilst the Technicians would make use of the console to better facilitate access to the tools provided to resolve the request. Technician emails were enabled to make it possible for a registered technician to be able to respond to email and CC the Novell Service Desk email address and have the note sent to the customer and also have it logged against the incident in the Helpdesk/Support system, better assisting mobile technicians to provide assistance.

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