Ability to Configure the Number of Processors for mksquashfs in Sentinel

  • 7012198
  • 24-Apr-2013
  • 13-May-2015


Sentinel Log Manager or greater
Sentinel 7.0.3.x or greater


Sentinel Log Manager 1.2.1 and Sentinel 7.0.3.x include a new property, mksquashfs.numprocessors, that allows you to specify the number of processors for mksquashfs to use when compressing the index on the event data. This capability enables you to make better use of additional CPUs that may be available on some systems. You can set this configuration in the /etc/opt/novell/sentinel/config/configuration.properties file.

Archiving function is falling behind in copying event data to archive location.


Add the mksquashfs.numprocessors to the /etc/opt/novell/sentinel/config/configuration.properties


When using an archive location this modification may help increase performance of the archiving function.  In the example above, the addition of the parameter will allow mksquashfs to use 4 processors instead of the default 1 processor.  This should only be done if there are available processors to be used otherwise the system may experience performance issues.  With available processors, however, the archiving function will be able to perform better in high EPS systems.  To determine if you should make this change, monitor the online data location (default location: /var/opt/novell/sentinel_log_mgr/data/eventdata) versus the archive location (user specified in data storage).  If there are files older than 4 days in the online location that are not found in the archive location and the mksquashfs process is always at 100% CPU then this modification may be helpful to give mksquashfs more processing time.