Error: WRONG VERSION when running to install eDirectory patch

  • 7012197
  • 24-Apr-2013
  • 24-Apr-2013


NetIQ eDirectory for Unix/Linux platforms


The "./SunOS/NOVLepkia.pkg" package included in this patch has
a version of "3.3.8" when it is expected to be "8.8.7".
To continue the installation past any errors use the --force switch.

This message is displayed when trying to run to patch eDirectory on Linux/Unix

Extract of the eDirectory patch is located on a mount point.
Extract of the eDirectory patch was used to install on a different architecture. 

EXAMPLE: was run for a 64bit install of eDirectory on Solaris, now it is being run for a 32bit install of eDirectory on Solaris using the same extract of the patch.


When the is run the first time, the install.conf is populated with the names of the packages that should be excluded from the version checking.


# Ignore product base version checking for packages that have different versioni
ng schemes
IGNORE_PACKAGE_BASE_VERSION=google-perftools nici novell-ncpenc NOVLncpx NDS.NOV

SECURITY_PACKAGE=novell-nmas novell-npkiapi novell-npkit novell-ntls novell-pkis
erver NOVLepkiax NOVLepkisx NOVLepkitx NOVLntlsx NOVLnmasx NDS.NOVLnmasx NDS.npk
 NDS.npkit NDS.pkiserver novell-kerberos-base novell-kerberos-ldap-extension

The packages for the 64bit version of eDirectory on Solaris (for example) contain an x.  The 32bit versions of the packages do not, so they don't get properly detected to be excluded.

To resolve this problem:
Copy the install.conf location in the directory where the patch was extraced
Modify the install.conf
Remove the x at the end of the package names in the IGNORE_PACKAGE_BASE_VERSION and SECURITY_PACKAGE sections


Delete the extracted directory and extract the patch again before running