GroupWise and IPv6

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  • 24-Apr-2013
  • 24-Apr-2013


GroupWise 8
GroupWise 2012


How to determine/configure GroupWise's use of IPv6.


Typically the best way to make sure a GroupWise Agent picks up a IPv6 address is to be using DNS names.  It is also possible to use the --ipaddress switch with a IPv6 address such as  /ip-"2620:113:8044:4005::1"

For this example, the GroupWise POA will be used.

To determine if IPv6 is being used, go to the POA's http page, and click the Configuration link.
On the Configuration page, there are a couple ways to determine if the POA is IPv6 enabled and configured.
1) Search for "IPV6 Protocol", this should say Enabled, if the POA has picked up a IPv6 address
2) Further down the list, under the "IP Address", there may be a IPv6 address listed.

This brings up two possible scenarios, 1) where the POA only shows IPv6 enabled but no IPv6 address listed, and 2) shows IPv6 enabled and a IPv6 address.
1) In cases where the POA shows IPv6 enabled but no address; it may mean that the POA is not using the full IPv6 address, but using a Link-local IPv6 address.  The Link-local address will still work, it can be connected using a GroupWise Client or connecting to the POA's http admin page from another IPv6 configured workstation.  GroupWise Agents are designed to filter out displaying Link-local addresses, so that is why those addresses won't display on the Configuration page.
2)  When the Configuration page shows both IPv6 enabled and an actual IPv6 address, that confirms that the POA is configured and listening on the specified address.

Additional Information

To address or test IPv6 via the browser, such as if connecting to the POA's web page, square brackets or [] must be used.  Such as http://[2002:979b:8667::979b:8667]:7181

Though IPv6 may be configured on workstations, DNS or even firewalls, may not be IPv6 compatible.  To use DNS names with IPv6, DNS must be configured to use IPv6.  A DHCP compatible IPv6 may also be needed for further IPv6 compatibility setups.

For WebAccess, default Apache/Tomcat installs listen on * or every IP Address.

After verifying that the Configuration page demonstrates that a IPv6 address is being used, if connection problems between clients happens, or if the http page of the agent can't be reached, check to make sure the Firewall or any other filtering appliance, that is being used, is not filtering or blocking connections.