ZMM app crashes on Android devices

  • 7012154
  • 16-Apr-2013
  • 02-May-2013


ZENworks Mobile Management 7
ZENworks Mobile Management Android app versions 2.6.1 , 2.7.0 , 2.7.1
Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note, Droid Razr. Android versions 4.0.4 and 4.1.2.


The Android device currently has the 2.6.1 , 2.7.0 , or 2.7.1 version of the ZMM app installed. The app is updated through the Google Play Store to the latest ZMM version The install completes successfully, but upon opening the app the following error message is displayed before the app crashes:

"Unfortunately ZENworks has stopped working"

This does not affect clean installs of the ZMM app


1. Uninstall current ZMM app
2. Install a new version of the ZMM app


Reported to Engineering