AppManager Agent Reports are slow to be generated.

  • 7012144
  • 15-Apr-2013
  • 17-Apr-2013


NetIQ AppManager 7.0.x


The AppManager report jobs running on a reporting agent take a long time to complete. 'Starting NetIQ Graphics Server. NetIQ Graphics Server started successfully.' is seen consistently in the Windows Application event log.


  1. Run "services.msc" in the Command prompt and in Services go to the "NetIQ AppManager Client Resource Monitor" (NetIQMC.exe)
  2. Right click and select properties, then record the 'Path to executable'.
  3. In the retrieved path, place the following binaries from <Install_path\Common\bin> directory:

    - ltfil12n.dll
    - LTDIS12n.dll
    - ltkrn12n.dll
    - ltwvc12n.dll
    - LFCMP12n.dll
    - lfpng12n.dll

  4. After the files are copied, restart Agent service


This can occur if the graphics engine files are locked or in use when the agent is being installed or upgraded.  You can confirm that this is the issue by setting the following registry key value to '0', after which the reports run in a timely manner: