How to edit SSPR display

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  • 15-Apr-2013
  • 15-Apr-2013


NetIQ Self Service Password Reset
SSPR 2.0


How can I edit messages displayed in SSPR?
Typo on SSPR main menu:  "Change you current password" on SSPR main menu should say "Change your current password."
Password requirements listed on "Change Password" screen are not correct for my environment.


The above typo will be fixed in an upcoming release of SSPR, if or when available.  In the meantime, this typo can be  edited manually.
The list of password requirements can be edited as well.
These and any other text string shown in SSPR can be changed by editing the appropriate .properties file:
 or  <tomcat>/webapps/sspr/WEB-INF/classes/password/pwm/config/
Search for the string you desire to edit in the above two files. 
"Change you current password..." is found in
The "new password requirements" list is found in