How to Failback without being in Failover state

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  • 04-Apr-2013
  • 08-Apr-2013


PlateSpin Protect 10.1+
PlateSpin Forge 3.1+


If a workload is not in a Failover state PlateSpin Forge/Protect will not provide the Failback option.


If the Failover VM is available for Failback, but the workload is not in the appropriate state, the following steps can be used to Failback.

1. Locate the Failover VM.  If the VM is booted and running as expected, Go to step 3.  Otherwise, configure it to boot using the desired recovery point and power it on.
2. Once it is powered on and configured ensure the Failover VM is functioning as expected
3. Add the Failover VM as a new workload in Forge/Protect
4. Prepare for and run the first replication
5. Failover to the new target VM.  This may require powering off the original Failover VM (now the source workload)
6. Configure the Failback as desired (either to the original source workload, or to a new Failback target) and run