Printer Agent Redirection configuration doesn't save

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  • 26-Mar-2013
  • 26-Mar-2013


Novell iPrint for Linux


Configuring a printer agent to redirect from one printer agent to another shows that setting successfully saved.  However, going back to iPrint -> Manage Print Manager -> Printer Agent Redirection, shows that the setting did not save.


Change the address to which the Print Manager is bound to not start with 'ipp'. 

WARNING:  Changing the address to which the print manager binds will cause every workstation which has an iPrint printer installed from that Print Manager to automatically remove the iPrint printers from the workstations, then automatically re-install them, reflecting the newly chosen address name.  For this reason, it may be best to wait for Novell to release a code fix.   However, the fix is not available at the time of this posting (26MARCH2013).
Steps to change the address to which the Print Manager is bound:
  1. Edit the /etc/opt/novell/iprint/conf/ipsmd.conf
  2. Change the address following PSMHostAddress
  3. Ensure whatever address follows the PSMHostAddress entry resolves to the IP address bound to the server.  If multiple addresses are bound to the server, ensure it resolves to the same IP address which the original PSMHostAddress entry resolved to.
  4. Restart the Print Manager
    • Note:  The automated process described in the above WARNING will begin after the print manager restart.
Wait for Novell to release and updated novell-iprint-server RPM which contains the fix to this issue.


Novell identified a bug.  If the name bound to the Print Manager (see the address which follows the PSMHostAddress entry in the /etc/opt/novell/iprint/conf/ipsmd.conf) begins with ipp, the symptom described above will exist.


Reported to Engineering