Version error when logging into NetIQ AppManager Control Center

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  • 18-Mar-2013
  • 18-Mar-2013


NetIQ AppManager Enterprise 8.0
NetIQ AppManager Enterprise 7.0.1


When logging into the NetIQ AppManager Control Center console you receive an error stating the version of the Control Center repository is one version and that the supported repository version is another.

Example:  The version of the Control Center repository 'SERVER.NQCCDB' is '8.0.30000.604'.  The supported repository version is '8.0.30003.611' or higher.


To resolve the issue, please apply the Hotfix or Service Pack to the Control Center repository database that is required by the Control Center console.  The version of the repository database must be the same version as (or higher than) the console version.

For more information about compatibility between the repository and console please check the ReadMe for the versions of the installed components.


This issue is caused when Hotfixes or Service Packs are not properly applied to all required components.

In the case of the above error message, the Control Center Console version is newer than the Control Center Database that it is connecting to, so the Database needs to be brought up to the same version as the console.