Unable to delete objects from the DRA recycle bin

  • 7011949
  • 14-Mar-2013
  • 20-Mar-2013


NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator 8.x


When trying to delete an object from the Directory and Resource Administrator recycle bin, the DRA Assistant Admin receives an error:

Error “The Object ‘<Object name>’ could not be deleted.

The object was found in DRA Cache, but could not be found in the windows directory. Possibly this object was deleted or renamed by a tool other than DRA.


Use Microsoft Active Directory Users and Computers to locate the hidden OU, named NetIQRecycleBin. This OU is specific to each managed domain within DRA. Inside the OU remove any object whose name or description matches that of the object name being moved to the DRA Recycle Bin. Once the object(s) are removed, perform an Incremental Accounts Cache Refresh on the managed domain. After the IACR is complete, the DRA Assistant Admin will be able to move the object into the DRA Recycle bin.


When a DRA Assistant Admin moves AD object into the DRA recycle bin, one new object is created in live AD in addition to the original object. The new object and original object are both moved into the hidden OU of NetIQRecyclebin. Both objects must exist in order for the DRA Server to delete the object from the recycle bin. If only one of the objects exist, DRA will fail to fully delete the object.