Sentinel 7.0.x server runs out of disk space or disk usage seems too high

  • 7011943
  • 13-Mar-2013
  • 13-Mar-2013


NetIQ Sentinel


The Event Source Overview Sync RDD is improperly adding event information and causes large amounts of space to be consumed within the database (postgresql).  To verify if this is the problem, check the size of the database files located at /var/opt/novell/sentinel/3rdparty/postgresql/database_rpt_files/PG_9.0_201008051/16394


Disable the problem RDD.  To do this login to the WebUI select the “Storage” tab then the “Data Synchronization”.  Under “Data Sychonization Policies” disable the “RDD: [sentinel.core.rdd] Event Source Overview Sync” by removing the check mark. Then on the left side pane of the WebUI select “Reports” and find the report “Sentinel-Core_Event-Source-Overview.”  Delete this report because it is associated to the problem RDD.  Without deleting the report, you cannot delete the RDD.  Once the report is deleted, delete the “RDD: [sentinel.core.rdd] Event Source Overview Sync.”  This should allow postgesql to free up the space used by the RDD.  To verify if the space is being freed use the following command “df –h”.

For an updated report that can replace the deleted report, contact NTS for a new version that does not have a dependency upon the problem RDD.  The new report takes advantage of existing RDDs without a problem.

In an upcoming release of Sentinel Core Solution Pack the problem will be fixed and you will simply need to import the fixed Solution Pack.

If you are out of space and sentinel is down proceed to tid#7011944 on option’s to free space in order to get Sentinel running