How to add all the members of an eDirectory Dynamic Group to Vibe

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  • 07-Mar-2013
  • 07-Mar-2013


Novell Vibe 3.3
Novell eDirectory


How to add users in Vibe from a dynamic group in eDirectory
Unable to add users in Vibe from a dynamic group in eDirectory


If the group is not a dynamic group, then a query can be used to search for all the users where groupMembership is equal to the group FDN like the following. This query can be set up in when logging in to Vibe as Admin | Settings icon on the top right corner of the page | Administration Console | Configure LDAP | Users


However, if the group is a dynamic group, users do not have the groupMembership Attribute in eDirectory pointing to the group. Therefore, the above query cannot be used. In that case, all the queries from the dynamic groups needs to be replicated on the Vibe Server. This has been reported to Engineering to give an option to allow to add all the members from a group to the Vibe Server


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

In one case, all the users need to be added that did not have org1 or org2 in Fully Distinguished Name. The following query was used