IOC* and SSS* temporary files filling up /tmp

  • 7011887
  • 05-Mar-2013
  • 29-Nov-2017


GroupWise 8
GroupWise 2012
GroupWise 2014


Server running out of free space.
Server's /tmp directory filling up with IOC* and SSS* files.
IOC* and SSS* files originating from GroupWise Document Conversion Agent (GWDCA)


Should be fixed in post GroupWise 8.0.3, build 104370 or newer, and GroupWise 2012 SP2.  It should also be fixed in the GroupWise 2014 code base.  However as Stellant updates their viewers, this does come back from time to time.


This problem originated from the 3rd party viewers (Stellant) used by GroupWise that was failing to clean up after conversion.

Additional Information

A workaround fix was designed for GroupWise until Stellant fixes their code. 
The POA, should clean up any SSS* or IOC* file in the /tmp directory. 
If the GWDCA is used, it should check if there is any such files in the /tmp after Quick Finder indexing has ran and clean them up if needed.
For the GWDVA, it should check and clean up these files at start up and do the same checking on a daily basis.

Another workaround is to use the --cleanTmpInteval switch.  This only works on Linux.  It is set in the DVA startup file and is set in minutes.  For example --cleanTmpInterval 120