ZENWorks IOS Enterprise App expiration notification

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  • 27-Feb-2013
  • 28-Jan-2014


ZENworks Mobile Management


Devices using the ZENworks iOS Enterprise app subsequently received an expiration notification. "ZENworks provisioning profile will expire on March 7, 20xx"


Users simply need to perform an in-place update of the application via direct download from
"https://zmmupdate.novell.com/apps/iosprovision.html " on their iOS device. This should be a yearly update as defined by IOS developer agreement. We highly recommend that you send this link out to your respective users via email or SMS text, as each device using the ZENworks iOS Enterprise application will need to be updated manually as Apple’s end-user focus mandates.


Apple's Enterprise Developer program allows companies like Novell to build and distribute “in-house” or “enterprise” iOS applications that provide more background multitasking functionality than regular app store versions. Apple requires that these Enterprise Developers periodically renew their subscriptions and certificates for this program along with the associated enterprise applications and profiles. This is something Novell chose to do for our customers as a convenience so you will not have to do this routinely yourself.

As Novell’s renewal time approaches, users of the ZENworks iOS Enterprise app subsequently received an expiration notification. We have already renewed our subscription through the Enterprise Developer program and updated the ZENworks iOS Enterprise app.  It's important to note that there is NO LOSS in device functionality as a result of this alert alone. However, if your users do not update the app before expiration, a limited set of ZENwork Mobile Management features, such as device tracking, will not sync until the application is updated. User devices will continue to function normally with email and a majority of other device profile and security settings. Novell recommends that all users update the ZENworks iOS Enterprise app on their devices.  

Additional Information

There are two ways to get the ZENworks iOS application: The Apple app store or direct from Novell. If users or customers downloaded the ZENworks iOS application from the Apple app store, they are unaffected. However, if they received the ZENworks iOS Enterprise application directly from Novell (via https://zmmupdate.novell.com/apps/) using the IOS device, then they will have received the notification.