Launching ConsoleOne a Login Dialogue Box appears asking for the GroupWise Domain UNC Paths.

  • 7011831
  • 25-Feb-2013
  • 25-Feb-2013


Novell GroupWise 6.5
Novell ConsoleOne 1.3.4a


Launching ConsoleOne a Login Dialogue Box appears asking for the GroupWise Domain UNC Paths.
Prompted only if the server or system you had last connected to is no longer accessible.
Cancelling out of the dialog is not possible, it continues to bring you back to the Login dialog for the old/bad UNC path.


The path to the domain is stored in the C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\.consoleone\SnapinPrefs.ser file. This file is not editable and contains the GroupWise View settings and changes. It can not be edited, but it can be deleted. Deleting it and restarting ConsoleOne will cause the GroupWise snapins to prompt you for a valid GroupWise domain directory without trying to access a non-existing UNC path.  The first time, indeed, the path is empty.  When I fill in a UNC path, the next time the box displays a non-existing mapped path.

Additional Information

The path to the last GroupWise domain is stored on the local machine. This path is used to re-establish connection to the GroupWise system without making you enter a path each time.
Formerly known as TID# 10082771