How to view stack trace from a crashing Access Gateway server

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  • 19-Feb-2013
  • 19-Feb-2013


NetIQ Access Manager 3.2
Access Gateway Service
Access Gateway Appliance


When the Access Gateway crashes, there's no easy way of identifying where in the code the crash. If you install 3.2 Support Pack 1, a /tmp/debug000.log file will get created automatically whenever a crash occurs, and include the stack trace of the system calls in the lead up to the crash. There is no need to run the Apache proxy in debug mode.

Access Gateway TIDs will use this information to help customers identify whether they are experiencing an existing issue or not.

Here is a sample entry:

Dump Created: Tue Feb 19 12:24:39 2013

stack trace

/opt/novell/ag/lib/ [0x7ff01203380f] /opt/novell/ag/lib/ [0x7ff0120338f7]
/opt/novell/ag/lib/ [0x7ff01203099b]
/opt/novell/apache2/sbin/httpd(ap_run_fatal_exception+0x4a) [0x7ff01992506a]
/opt/novell/apache2/sbin/httpd(+0x4a3f7) [0x7ff0199253f7]
/lib64/ [0x7ff0182305d0]
/opt/novell/ag/lib/ [0x7ff012030c85]
/opt/novell/apache2/sbin/httpd(ap_run_fixups+0x4a) [0x7ff019916dea]
/opt/novell/apache2/sbin/httpd(ap_sub_req_method_uri+0x108) [0x7ff0199199c8]
/opt/novell/ag/lib/ [0x7ff0120582a1]
/opt/novell/ag/lib/ [0x7ff012063f9c]
/opt/novell/ag/lib/ [0x7ff0120485bb]
/opt/novell/ag/lib/ [0x7ff012032c54]
/opt/novell/apache2/sbin/httpd(ap_run_quick_handler+0x8d) [0x7ff01991c32d]
/opt/novell/apache2/sbin/httpd(ap_process_request+0x39) [0x7ff01992b2f9]
/opt/novell/apache2/sbin/httpd(+0x4cf3f) [0x7ff019927f3f]
/opt/novell/apache2/sbin/httpd(ap_run_process_connection+0x83) [0x7ff019923c83]
/opt/novell/apache2/sbin/httpd(+0x56465) [0x7ff019931465] /lib64/ [0x7ff0182285f0]
/lib64/ [0x7ff017d9384d]