Advisory: Recently released AppManager 7.x Hotfix 7010373, 8.x Hotfix 7010774, and AppManager 8.x SP3

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  • 12-Feb-2013
  • 12-Feb-2013


NetIQ AppManager 7.x
NetIQ AppManager 8.x
NetIQ AppManager 7.x Hotfix 7010373
NetIQ AppManager 8.x Hotfix 7010774
NetIQ AppManager 8.0.3 Service Pack 3


AppManager data points that do not have "Data Details" will not be written in the Archive Data Table.  Data points that are stored in the Data Table used for Charting (Chart Console), AppManager Performance Profiler, and Analysis Center are unaffected.  However, the data points necessary for AppManager out-of-the-box Reports may not be available and thus may result in gaps in reports or events stating ‘No Data for Report’.


We are working on correcting this behavior and will post an updated fix soon. The updated binaries will contain a fix that will correct the issue going forward. The updated binaries will not backfill previous data that did not contain Data Details.

Additional Information

We will continue to update this knowledge base article with details about this issue.
Please contact technical support if you have any questions regarding any of the affected files.